October 05, 2011

Baby & Kid Week: Unique Baby Gifts

Having recently had my own bundle of joy, I have so many thoughts about baby gifts.

One thing I have learned over the past few years is that there is NOTHING wrong with giving practical gifts, especially for first time moms and dads.  While crib sheets and change pad covers from the gift registry don't seem very glamorous, they are things that are needed and will probably get the most use!

With that being said, I also have a few cute (and, in my opinion, very unique) gift ideas for baby.  You're almost guaranteed to be the only one gifting these items!

1. Mommy calling cards or play date cards.  Might work better as a gift after baby is born, but you can always use a cartoon picture if you wanted to gift in advance.  These are free printable DIY cards (but you have to be Photoshop savvy) - isn't the design gorgeous.  I made some for myself (of course!) The template is available to download from Boutique Cafe.

If you're not the DIY type, minted has b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l mommy calling cards and playdate cards, like the two below (and many more besides!)

2. Newborn photo props.  A lot of newborn photographers have their own props, but how adorable would it be to have your own to keep.  A great gift in my opinion!  These gorgeous hand knit hats (and other cute items are made by local company Les Mini Jujus (and this particular set made with Newfoundland wool!).  Many thanks to Melanie Smith Photography for permission to use the photo. 

3. iPhone app (iTunes) gift certificate with a printout on the Total Baby app.  Helps new moms and dads keep track of important things like feedings and diaper changes!  We used this all the time for the first few months.

4. For photo-savvy parents, print out these great (free!) printable month signs from Mom & Wife and put them together in a cute package.  I use these to take my photos each month.  

Here she is with her 3 month sign!
5. I think it would warm anyone's heart to receive this thoughtful gift. The "Wrap a Newborn Baby" Gift of Hope via Plan Canada. I received this as a gift, and have the printout saved in Norah's memory box. 

Do you know any babes on the way that might like one of these gifts?


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