October 11, 2011

Thanks a "Latte" - Spicing up a Gift Card

Gift cards.  Sometimes we like to give them!  Spicing them up a little with some thoughtful wrapping makes it all the more meaningful, I think.  I am definitely going to be trying this the next time I give a gift card.

A cute way to spice up a coffee gift card is to wrap the card in a disposable coffee cup.  I've seen several ideas out there lately, and thought I would share!

This one by Little Cakes is really cute.  The gift card is in a clean, empty cup wrapped with brown issue (topped with white tissue).  Very simple, but effective!

Image Source: Little Cakes
In very similar taste, the blog Nothing but Country features a gift card wrapped in an empty coffee cup (with chocolate or candy inside).  They even have a cute little printable tag - Thanks a "latte" for your hard work - (and we all know I love free printables!).

Lisa Storms features a similar concept using a disposable glass and lemonade. These are designed as teacher appreciation gifts, but I think they could be adapted for almost anything!

I'm going to be featuring ongoing ideas for spicing up gift cards.  What have you done recently to make a gift card more interesting?


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