October 26, 2011

Confessions of a Gift-Giver

Just in case you thought I'm the type of person who spends hours wrapping each and every gift that I give, think again :)

Confession #1: I use gift bags.  Sometimes.

However, there is a reason why I use gift bags. I recycle as many gift-wrap related items as possible, including gift bags, tissue paper, ribbon and anything else that I think is cute!  I never, ever buy gift bags new and I prefer to use gift bags over wrapping paper, as they can be reused, hence, better for the environment!

Due to the fact that storage space in our home is at a premium, I've had to get creative with my gift wrap storage.  I use an old free-standing wardrobe closet to store all of my craft and gifting items, and use the hanging bar to store all of my gift bags.  The green bag on the right-hand side stores folded tissue paper.

My gift-wrap "closet".
Side Note: Just saw this post from Real Simple using assorted pant hangers to organize gift wrap.

Image Source: Real Simple

They really come up with some brilliant things over there at Real Simple!  Fantastic. 

Confession #2: Try as I might, I'm not always the perfect gift-giver.  Just a few examples....

  • One year I noticed that my brother-in-law really needed winter gloves - only to discover on Christmas morning that he had received SEVERAL pairs of winter gloves as gifts (I guess I wasn't the only one who noticed!)

  • I knew that my mom really wanted to get photos printed of her one-and-only granddaughter, so for her recent birthday, I purchased her a gift card for a photo printing lab, only to have her tell me the day BEFORE her birthday that she had gone out and printed all of her photos! *sigh* (luckily there will be continued photos of granddaughter....in the hundreds!)
  • I also recently bought a cute single cupcake carrier for a dear friend who loves to bake, only to discover after the fact that she had previously BLOGGED about owning one - gah! (I'll use the fact that I was busy having a child as my excuse).  Hopefully I made up for it with a housewarming gift and a thank you gift that included really fun baking gift tags.

It's hard to be a great gift-giver.  You have to stay on top of individual interests and know what they have, or don't have already.  I can understand that it's hard to put effort into that.

Do you have a gift-giving confession or story?  Please share!!


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