October 28, 2011

Christmas Card Inspiration: Part 2

I'm continuing to find fantastic and simple card inspiration on the internet, and also want to begin sharing some of the cards that I have been making.

We are all busy, and I think simple cards are often just as beautiful as elaborate cards.
For example, I don't think you could get any simpler than this card found on Curbly.  It caught my eye right away though.  Love it. You could make this card even if you're not crafty.

and while I was on the Curbly site, I also found this card, which I think is super-cute.

Choose a pretty paper and cut varying angled lengths to create a tree.  I also think both of these cards are kid-friendly, if they wanted to help with the card-making process.

So do you want to see some of the cards that I'm working on?  Of course you do!

I was inspired by this image, and decided to create something similar of my own, using a stamp set and some buttons that I had on hand.  Here's a little sneak peak!

I also repurposed little tags from last year to make a very simple set of cards (below) that I'm quite happy with!

I'm working on another set of cards using an embossing stencil (very easy to use and beautiful results!) I'll share those with you in the next week or so!

Enjoy your weekend!


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