September 19, 2011

Personal picks for Mom-to-Be Gifts

Most of us have baby showers to gift moms and dads to be with many of the items that they need for a new bundle of joy, which is, of course, fabulous.  Everyone LOVES buying gifts for babies, and how could you not?  Cute little outfits, toys and all kinds of things for the baby nursery.

If you want to add a thoughtful gift, why not buy something specifically for the mom-to-be?  I know from experience that it would be much appreciated!  You can either forgo a traditional baby shower gift and give a gift to the mom-to-be earlier in the pregnancy, or gift 2 smaller items, one early-on for the mom, and one later for the baby!

Now that I have a little person of my own, here are some of my personally picked helpful gift ideas for moms-to-be while they wait out the months until baby is born.  Stay tuned for a future post on gift giving for a little closer to the due date!

1. Bella Belly Butter from local store Tval.  I can't guarantee that it will prevent stretch marks (although I didn't have any) but it does feel wonderful, especially as your skin starts to feel really stretched.  The good news is that in addition to having a local shop, Tval also has an online store.

2. Heidi Klum maternity leggings.  I lived in these in the later months of my pregnancy.

3. Stretchy Belly Bands.  Allows you to continue wearing your regular clothes as your belly expands.  Available from a variety of retailers like the Tummy sleeve from Motherhood Maternity and Bella Band from Ingrid&Isabel (available from local retailers Bellies & Bundles)

4. A Modern take on the baby name book "Beyond Ava and Aiden" by Rosenkrantz and Satran.  While we didn't own this book, we did read most of it while browsing the bookstore one day.  I loved the layout of the book, and the way the names were categorized into fun groups like "Girly-Girl Names", "So Far Out They're In Names", "Vintage Chic Names" etc.
(Side note: as I didn't write the book, I apologize to anyone who has children named Ava and Aiden.  I personally think those are both beautiful names!)

5. A custom bra fitting.  By far the best thing you can do while pregnant (in my opinion), making it an excellent, and unique, gift idea.  If the store offers free fittings, buy a gift certificate for all, or part (they can often run in the $100 range) of the cost.  For an even more personalized experience, make a girls day out and go with your friend.  It will be completely worth it!
Image credit: deepa's via penelope illustration

Bonus:  You can never, ever go wrong with a pedicure!

Stay tuned for a post in the near future on picks for baby!

What is/was your favourite, must-have item for pregnancy?


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