September 13, 2011

A New Home

Seems like I know a lot of people buying Real Estate this year!
I always like to give a small gift as a housewarming - nothing fancy or complicated, just a simple gesture.  After all, it's a really significant step in life.

A few years ago, Steve and I received the fabulous BBQ cookbook  - Grilling Made Easy.  It's one of those great cookbooks where the recipes use easy-to-find ingredients, are simple to make, but yet the food takes on a gourmet quality.  As 2 of the new homeowners love BBQ, but haven't previously been able to own a BBQ, I knew this was the perfect gift!

Inspired by this photo, to wrap the cookbook, I found pretty dish towels to use instead of paper. I folded up the dish towels exactly as I would wrap with paper, then used lovely green ribbon to tie everything up.

The finished product

In order to make this gift more personal, I wrote a personal note inside the front cover - with the date and the significance of the gift - so that the new homeowners can reflect on this joyful time for many years to come!  

Do you have a favourite cookbook that would make a great housewarming gift? Please share!

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  1. Loved this, especially receiving it:) Thanks Al!!!