September 07, 2011

Gift of the Month

For some reason I love the idea of "item of the month" gifts!  If you Google "gift of the month club" you can find a variety of options - mostly food related.  It's also very unfortunate that many don't offer shipping to Canada.

I also searched "gift of the month" on one of my favourite ways-to-waste-an-afternoon - Etsy.  If you are not a DIY type, and want to get creative, they have some really interesting purchase options, including:

1. Cupcake wrapper of the month (how creative!)
2. Garland of the month (I love this one - how crafty!)
3. and another personal favourite Letterpress of the month

This whole concept also makes a fantastic DIY project.  What's more thoughtful than delivering a gift to a friend or family member once every month (also makes a great excuse to see or get together with that person on a regular basis).

Here are some of my thoughts on "of the month" gifts that you can do yourself.

Image source: Canadian Family
Muffin or cupcake of the month - bake and deliver 1 dozen muffins or cupcakes each month.

Image Source
Coffee or tea of the month - source out local or interesting coffees or teas (or both!) and deliver a package each month.  Locally, Britannia Teas and Gifts, Jumping Bean Coffee,  and Rocket Bakery would all be great places to start!

Image Source
Magazine of the month - Pick a different magazine each month and deliver it to your giftee, maybe combine with a little sweet treat.

The possibilities are endless!  I think this would make a fabulous wedding gift idea!

What would you choose as an "of the month item"?

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  1. Thanks for sharing my cupcake wrapper of the month item from my Etsy shop! How fun is it to get a special surprise each month, or offer that to a friend! So fun!