September 12, 2011

34th Birthday

This week was my husband's 34th birthday and I tried to add a little creativity to his gift.

Our little girl isn't big enough to speak or write yet, but I wanted part of the birthday gift to be from her, so I created a card in the form of a little book "34 Reasons Why I Love My Daddy".  Inside was a photo, along with the 34 reasons!

Instead of a cake, I opted for cupcakes with fun cake toppers.  Anyone who knows him, knows that he loves superheroes.  I was lucky to come across these GREAT superhero-style printables at One Charming Party.

I had the images printed on card stock, cut them out (slightly painstaking, but completely worth it) and then glued them to wooden pop sticks.  VOILA - Superhero cupcake toppers.  Visit One Charming Party for the full-sized downloadable version!

The cupcakes were "Cookies n Cream" from my dear friend Cyra of Faking Fancy Cupcakes.  Thanks Cyra!

It's fun to add celebration to birthdays, even as we get older.  What do you do to add a little fun to your spouse/partner's birthday?


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