August 31, 2011

Subway Word Art

Subway word art seems to be trending everywhere lately.  I was inspired by Whitney from Elm Street Life to make my own piece of word art as a wedding gift for my friends Jill and Tom.  If you can make your way around the basics of Photoshop, or know someone who can, this is a great little project (and gift)!

I chose interesting and meaningful street names from the City (St. John's) where the couple met.  Here's what the end result looked like.

Like Whitney, I had the image printed at a local printer and instead of framing, packaged the print in a cellophane sleeve - this allows them to choose their own frame to match their decor and tastes.

A view of the back of the gift, all packaged up.  I used my "original design" stamp with my signature.  A one of a kind gift!

View the full tutorial on Elm Street Life.

Thanks to Whitney for the wonderful inspiration! What streets or locations would you put on your Subway Word Art?


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